We are a team of dedicated falconers with over 40 years of collective experience in handling birds of prey.

Amongst other raptors, we provide a safe and caring space for birds of prey that are unwanted and need re-homing and and have been involved in the rehabilitation on re-release of injured birds.

It is our mission to provide each bird of prey that is taken into our responsibility with the best care possible, and provide them with the best possible life, allowing each species the freedom to pursue their internal instinct.

We aim to provide a warm welcome and an educational experience to everyone who undertakes one of our falconry experiences, ensuring that our visitors can learn about our birds in a safe environment.
By sharing our expert knowledge of these birds, we intend to contribute to the conservation of all birds of prey through educating our guests on habitats, ongoing research, protection and threats.

We aim to preserve the heritage of falconry by immersing our guests in our experiences so that they may newly appreciate these magnificent birds and the art of falconry and its history. We aim to show how falconry provides a connection to the past and a link to the natural environment that our visitors may be currently unaware of.

We also aim to engage our guests in the beautiful Lake District World Heritage Site, introducing them to the benefits of being involved in nature.


It has long been recognized that animal assisted therapy is a tool for aiding well-being and improving mental health. Whilst we aren’t psychologists or therapists, we appreciate that being immersed in nature, connecting with our birds can help to reduce stress, anxiety and assist in developing self esteem and increase socialization.

Our experiences offer the chance to have some time away from the day-to-day hum-drum and live in the moment.

Being in close proximity with an apex predator, evolved over millennias, promotes mindfulness and handling our birds can aid in improving impulse behavior as guests learn to control their behavior around the birds in order to build trust.

Our hawk-walks promote physical activity and highlights the positive attributes from being outdoors, surrounded in our ancient woodlands.

It is our mission to ensure that all of our guests have the best possible time with us and our birds, that they will leave us with new knowledge and appreciation for birds of prey, falconry and the natural world. We hope to provide memorable, enjoyable and enlightening experiences that our guests will want to repeat.