Falconry has long been used to develop team building and leadership skills. It provides a unique opportunity to bring people together in an enthralling and entertaining way.

Each session comprises an educational talk where the history of falconry is discussed and comparisons made to leadership skills and the skills used in falconry. Guests will learn how and why royalty were trained in falconry and why it was considered the ‘sport of kings.’  The falconer will explain the psychology that goes into handling the birds, and how success in falconry draws upon the same skills that provide success in leadership.

After the small talk, the group will then be invited to handle the bird themselves, under the expert tuition of our falconers. Guests will be mindful of ‘impulse behaviour’ and as a team learn how to work together to get the best outcome of the bird they are handling.

They will then be invited as a team to see a simulated hunt.

A dummy prey is released, and the raptor will turn predator as it prepares to attack. Guests will watch as it dives from the sky to pounce on the artificial target and enjoy the spectacular performance of an apex predator.

As each corporate event is different, we tailor our experience around each individual customer. We would need to know the size of the group attending so we can accommodate with birds and falconers.

Please call or email for a bespoke quote.