How many people can come on an experience?

We require a minimum of two people and can also cater for larger groups and special occasions! Please let us know as the number of people will depend on the number of falconers needed.

Will there be strangers on my experience or is it exclusive?

Each experience is bespoke and fitted around you. We will not add groups together. Our experiences are special, unique and centred around you and what you would like to do.

Is there a spectator fee? I have a friend who’d like to watch!

We don’t offer a spectator fee as it wouldn’t be fair to the person who was paying! Whilst you are out on your walk, enjoying your experience all members of the party will experience the thrill of the bird flying free and have as much interaction with it as they like.

I’m having a party, can you come to my house?

Yes! Let us know the address, how many people will be there and what you had in mind, and one of our falconers will be in touch.

I’d just like to see the birds, can I pop over and have a look?

No. We are not a falconry centre, so we’re afraid not. You would need to book an experience where we can show you the birds and talk to you about them, but this would be at the standard price.

How much is it?

We offer the experience at two different locations, please see this page for prices and where you can arrange an experience.

I want to book! How do I do it?

Please send a text to 07826063782 with the following: the date you’d like your experience, how many people it is for and what location.

If you’ve any other questions, just let us know!