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Experience falconry like never before with our unique forty-five minute experience.

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In this session, you’ll get up close and personal with these beautiful birds and be immersed in their world in one of the most picturesque locations in the UK.

After your guide introduces you to the bird and invites you to handle it, you’ll experience the thrill of wearing the falconer’s glove and build up to the hawk land on your fist!

A short ‘hawk walk’ will follow, where you’ll spend quality time with the bird which will allow you to learn about behavioral habits, the special bond between man and hawk, and watch it effortlessly travel through our historic woodland .

But the experience doesn’t stop there, if conditions allow, you’ll then be given the unique opportunity to watch the bird perform in a simulated hunt.

Observing the powerful flight, thrilling swoop and hopefully capture of a simulated hunt using an artificial prey, just as it would happen in the wild but without the years of bird watching.

What to expect

Each session includes:

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Introduction to the session.
Meet your guide and bird of prey. Learn what to do and what not to do for the experience.

Get up close and personal
Wear the falconer’s glove and have the raptor perch on your fist to allow the hawk to develop trust in the new human that has entered its world. Marvel at the impressive talons and powerful curved beak as your guide advises how to handle it in a safe and controlled environment. Don’t forget your camera as this is an extraordinary photo opportunity!

Take a ‘hawk-walk’ 
Enjoy a walk like no other as the raptor accompanies you on your hike. Natural wildlife surrounds you on this ancient woodland walk as the bird takes flight through the trees, soars in the skies above and returns to the falconers fist.

For those willing and if enough trust has been developed, the hawk will land on your fist and then continue to fly free, for those that want a deeper experience.

The session ends with a short Q&A and another chance to capture some of those unique photographs.

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Important notes

Lake District weather is known for being unpredictable, so please be sure to wear waterproofs and appropriate clothing.

The hawk-walk takes place on uneven terrain and is hilly. All participants must have a reasonable level of fitness to take part. Maximum number of participants six, minimum number two.